It is our desire to see our freshly roasted coffee consumed all over. If you are a café or restaurant looking to serve our coffee then we would love to chat with you about what we have to offer and how we could help you to improve on or change your existing offerings.

Maybe you're just starting up and are looking for an all-in supplier, we are able to help not just with coffee but all of the equipment and consumables that you'll need to get your establishment established.

Whatever your need please use the form/details below to get in touch.

We've created a Powerpoint to help you promote what we do within your organisation or to those involved in the decision making process.

Just Click Here to download it.


We want everyone to enjoy the delicious coffee that we produce here at Inside Ground, whether that is in their local café or in the comfort of their own home having purchased it from their local store.

If you are a retail outlet, we would love to team up with you to help grow your business and to get more of our coffee in the hands of those who can enjoy it. Just use the form/details below to get in touch.




We love a good chat, so why not get in touch via our contact form, by email, social media or the old dog and bone.

Tel: 07551 222 720