Freedom Blend 1kg - Whole

Our introductory offering, the Freedom Blend, is crafted using speciality coffee beans from Brazil, Costa Rica and Honduras.


Offering notes of Plum, Dark Chocolate and Caramel our blend delivers a buttery mouthfeel with a rich and smooth aftertaste.



Grown at around 1300m this washed, organically grown coffee from the Cocafelol co-operative provides our blend with a buttery mouthfeel, notes of golden syrup and lemon, with a delicious caramel finish.


Costa Rica

Also washed, this Caturra varietal, grown at around 1700m, provides sweet and crisp notes, enhancing the finish with something akin to a well known chocolate wafer bar.



Sustainably grown at around 1300m this naturally processed coffee, sourced from a network of coffee pioneers in the Mococa region of Brazil, helps to provide our blend with a rich and smooth aftertaste .

Freedom Blend 1kg - Whole